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I currently live in Seattle. Before the rainy city I was in Brooklyn for eight years where I studied art, film, and writing. I suffer from cute aggression, but it's something I'm working on. My spirit animal is a bacon, egg and cheese bagel sandwich. I have red hair, but I don't let it define me. And while I strive to impress myself, I'm not a competitive person.

Things I Have Been // A confused art student, a dirty NYC parks department worker, an intimidated film production (Scott Rudin!) intern, an awesome nanny, an event planner with gusto, an admin assistant wearing ten ugly hats, a CBS employee transcribing for The Food Network, the owner of my own independent publishing company, a caring personal trainer, and finally, what this seemingly random collection of things has been preparing me for...a copywriter.

I spent 5 years at a large Seattle agency. While my projects have varied, I mostly enjoy putting myself in the place of the customers, and developing ideas from there. I'm well versed in writing for social media, emails, campaigns, and more. I'm always looking for work that makes me feel like a productive person. And I'm sorry, but it's really hard for me to pass up a good pun.

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